FIFA announces that competitions will be allowed to authorize five changes temporarily

NEWS | 05/08/2020

The Spanish Football Federation confirms its support for this measure.

FIFA has issued a statement announcing that the International Football Association Board (IFAB) has approved a provisional amendment to the rules of the game that involves “allowing a maximum of five changes per team in those competitions that have already started or that are intended to to do so, and that they were scheduled to conclude on December 31 of this year. Each team will have three opportunities to make the five substitutions, which can also be carried out during the break ”.

According to FIFA, "this transitional amendment comes into effect with immediate effect, since a good number of matches will be played in a short period and with different weather conditions than expected, which could have a negative impact on the health of footballers " In any case, as the statement clarifies, "the organizers of the competitions will continue to have the power to decide whether or not to apply this transitional modification."

Support from the Spanish Federation

The Spanish Football Federation has issued a statement announcing that “the Delegate Commission has unanimously approved the extension to 5 changes per team in matches of all national categories in an extraordinary way. These changes can be made in three moments of the match, in accordance with what the IFAB establishes, with the aim of protecting the health of the players, after the limitations that the period of confinement has meant for their training. This measure has been previously communicated to the League, through Javier Tebas, who has shown his support for it. On the other hand, "it has been established that the teams will be able to summon 23 players in the First Division for the matches."

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