FIFA will seek another date for the 2021 Club World Cup

NEWS | 03/17/2020

The competition was scheduled from June 17 to July 4 of next year in China.

After the postponements of the Euro Cup and the Copa América were announced, FIFA announced that it will seek new dates for the first edition of the Club World Cup, which was scheduled to take place from June 17 to July 4, 2021 in China.

As a consequence of the health crisis due to coronavirus disease, FIFA confirmed that "it will decide at a later stage, when there is more clarity in the situation, when to reschedule the new FIFA Club World Cup. If to do so in 2021 but later, in 2022 or 2023. In addition, it will discuss with the Chinese Football Association and the Government of this country the postponement of the Club World Cup from 2021, in order to minimize any negative impact. " In the same way, the match schedule will be worked with the confederations, member associations, and other stakeholders "with the aim of finding appropriate solutions for all, which will be proposed as soon as circumstances allow."


FIFA President Gianni Infantino stated: "The world faces an unprecedented health challenge and it is clear that a global and collective response is needed. Cooperation, mutual respect and understanding must be the guiding principles that they must have take into account all decision makers at this crucial moment. "

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