VOX, as a party, has renounced the amount of the subsidies that it would receive in Congress during the months of March and April. This is equivalent to 236,384.40 euros. In addition, many of the VOX deputies, in a private capacity, have already made donations or even directed crowdfunding campaigns. Specifically, the national deputy for Asturias, José María Figaredo, has donated an amount equivalent to the famous 'compensation' received since the pandemic was declared and, in this way, has collaborated with the purchase of respirators for the field hospital of IFEMA, with donations of material to various old people's homes and religious orders, as well as the Economic Kitchen of Oviedo.

It should also be noted that José María Figaredo, along with his party colleagues in the Congress of Deputies, have continued to work on the presentation of parliamentary initiatives since the pandemic began, and which represent more than 90% of all the initiatives presented in Congress. . In other words, the 52 VOX deputies are practically the only deputies working at the pace the situation demands.

On the other hand, when it comes to donations, many political parties ask that they donate part of what the deputies charge, both national and regional, and they can voluntarily donate everything they want, but the reality is that parties like Podemos, specifically, they only seek to make headlines with initiatives as false as they are populist.

In short, the deputies, and the political parties, among which is the Asturian José María Figaredo, who have wanted to act, have already done so. On the contrary, those who only look for the covers and a headline, continue to send populist messages even if they have not yet paid a single euro.

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