In the new regulatory Order, which replaces the one in force two years ago, technical modifications are introduced that simplify and unify the procedures to facilitate the understanding, completion and processing of aid.

In addition, the protection of certain groups is reinforced through the promotion of the activities they carry out and in relation to the requirements for access to aid.

In this way, in the new order it is promoted:

  • The protection of the authors, by demanding that a certain percentage of the price of the script has been paid before the payment of the aid;
  • Support for films of cultural interest with difficulties in finding financing, increasing the amount of aid for this type of project;
  • Co-production projects with foreign companies in which Spanish participation is a minority but have a clear cultural interest. This is intended to promote the internationalization and professionalization of the sector. For this, in addition to facilitating access to aid, a reserve of a minimum of 5% of the allocation of selective aid for this type of project has been made and, in general, the minimum project budget has been lowered to 150,000 euros to participate in international co-productions with Ibero-American countries.

In addition, progress continues to be made both in promoting gender equality and in equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

New advance in the universal accessibility of cinema

The Ministerial Order takes an important step towards the universal accessibility of Spanish cinema by making it compulsory, for the first time, that cinematographic films include special subtitling and audio description as universal accessibility measures to access general and selective aid for the making of feature films. on project.

This requirement joins the existing obligation, to access aid for the production of feature films, to have a company employee or incorporate at least one disabled person with a degree equal to or greater than 33% recognized by the competent body, except in the case of documentary or experimental projects.

Facilities to access aid

As for the specific measures by lines of aid, the novelties adopted in the selective aid for the production of feature films on a project stand out, which changes the single call system to the open call system as well as the elimination of existing restrictions on cost maximum of the project,

Likewise, in order to streamline the assessment procedure, an objective pre-assessment is established, with a minimum access score and the obligation to provide certain documents at the time of submitting the application is eliminated.

The Order has also incorporated a series of specific measures to face the economic impact of COVID-19 on companies in the sector. They are mainly aimed at:

  • Flexibility in the fulfillment of the obligations consisting of accrediting the development of a certain activity when it affects the year 2020.
  • Increase from 20% to 40% the amount of aid that may be received as the first payment by companies that are beneficiaries in 2020 of general aid for the production of feature films on projects to provide greater liquidity to the sector.
  • Strengthen support for the financing of certain films that have received general or selective aid for the production of feature films in 2019, that have a special cultural and artistic value and that request the certificate of Spanish nationality in the years 2020 and 2021, increasing the maximum intensity of public aid that can receive up to 75% of the recognized cost.

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