Galician companies that are part of the CEPYME500 initiative have participated in the conference on Financing alternatives for growth and internationalization, organized by the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME) and the Confederation of Businessmen of Galicia (CEG), in the headquarters of the latter, in Santiago de Compostela.

In the encounter The possibilities of complementary financing for the internationalization of companies and access to traditional financing and other financing alternatives have been addressed. Among other experts, Jesús González Nieto, managing director of the Alternative Stock Market (MAB) of Spanish Stock Exchanges and Markets (BME), spoke. Guillermo Jiménez, general director of Axis, risk capital manager of Grupo ICO; and Manuel García Cutrín, director of Corporate Banking Northwest Organization of Bankinter. All of them have highlighted the need for companies to have the necessary financing to undertake their growth and internationalization projects and have pointed out the opportunities that BME offers in this area through the Alternative Stock Market, which all companies can access, with independence of the sector or their size; venture capital and ICO financing lines or the support of banking entities such as Bankinter.

The day also had the participation of the representatives of the companies CEPYME500 Nortempo, Bartolomé Pidal; Norprevention, Javier Iglesias and Saga, Pablo Ulloa. All of them have highlighted the importance of having talent, committed teams and financial support to grow and explore new markets. Likewise, Antonio Fernández-Montells, representative of the Greenalia company, who explained his experience at the MAB, spoke.

Closing ceremony

Antonio Fontenla Ramil, representative of the Board of Vice Presidents of the CEG; Pedro Fernández-Alén, general secretary of CEPYME; and Francisco Conde López, Minister of Economy, Emprego and Industry of the Xunta de Galicia.

Thus, Fontenla Ramil, highlighted the importance of the forum held at the headquarters of the CEG since, “although the advantages of SMEs are well known – 99.8% of the Galician business fabric-, in the same way it is one of its main handicaps, the difficulty to finance itself ”. And is that “56% of small and medium enterprises that need external financing have difficulty obtaining it, as evidenced by the IV Report on Financing of SMEs in Spain, ”he said.

And “we cannot ignore – in the words of the representative of the Board of Vice-Presidents of the CEG – that exporting companies access financial resources from abroad more easily or that lSMEs that manage to internationalize have much more chance of success"

For his part, the general secretary of CEPYME, Pedro Fernández-Alén, has highlighted the high growth achieved by the CEPYME500 companies and their high degree of internationalization and innovation, highlighting the “prominence among this group of Leading Business Growth Companies of about a hundred Galician companies, which account for 8% of the total ”.

The Minister of Economy, Emprego and Industry, which has closed the closing ceremony, has appealed to the "change of economic paradigm that we are attending" and for him "the challenge we have to assume among all we have to reverse in opportunity" to through "an internal transformation and an external projection that allows us to grow".

According to Francisco Conde, “achieving this objective is to activate the four levers: attract talent, boost innovation, improve training and foster sustainable economy" "These elements should mark the policies to support the business fabric," he concluded.


CEPYME500 is an initiative of CEPYME, which brings together a group of companies that are leaders in business growth. The objective is to boost the growth of Spanish companies and project their contribution to economic development and job creation. To do this, CEPYME500 offers companies a series of tools that contribute to improve their management, boost their growth and innovation and their international projection.

The project, which is sponsored by BME, ICO, Bankinter and Informa, wants to contribute to highlighting and publicizing the success stories of these medium-sized companies, since they represent an element of inspiration for all small-sized companies , and for the undoubted prominence that these companies have in the economy and employment.

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