Five people arrested in connection with numerous cemetery robberies

The robberies were committed in 21 municipalities in the province of Toledo

The value of the stolen material would exceed 450,000 euros

More than 2,200 kilos of ornamental pieces have been recovered, mainly bronze

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the Crucix operation, has detained a man and a woman, as alleged perpetrators of 27 crimes of robbery with force in things committed in cemeteries of 21 municipalities in the province of Toledo. Three other women have been arrested for a crime of reception in a recovery center in the Madrid town of Humanes.

Last February, the Civil Guard began the Crucix operation as a result of several crimes committed in municipal cemeteries in the province of Toledo, which generated great social alarm, in addition to the economic and emotional damage to the victims.

The agents analyzed these events and verified that they were committed by the same group of people, who accessed by scaling the perimeter walls always through areas of little or no visibility to traffic. They also evidenced that the funerary ornaments they stole (crosses, saints, virgins, candelabra, etc.) maintained similar parameters and characteristics.

The investigation made it possible to obtain indications and evidence regarding the direct relationship of these events with two people, a man and a woman, who lived in the Toledo town of Guadamur.

The agents, who during the development of all this investigation mounted different security and surveillance devices, also carried out numerous inspections in scrap yards and recycling centers.

In one of these centers, located in the town of Humanes, in the province of Madrid, the Civil Guard carried out an inspection and found numerous pieces of ornamental figures from these robberies, weighing 700 kilograms, which the criminals had cut with a radial to facilitate its transport and concealment, and that those responsible for this center had stored in a more hidden area because they knew its illicit origin.

In another search in the Toledo town of Guadamur, the agents recovered some 100 ornamental images of these characteristics in the patio of the house, of which 70 would be cut and ready to be sold, all with an approximate weight of 1,500 kilograms, mainly made of bronze.

The Civil Guard arrested a man, with numerous criminal records, and his wife, as alleged perpetrators of 27 crimes of robbery with force in things committed in 21 municipalities of the province of Toledo, and three other women, responsible for the recycling center , for an alleged continued crime of reception.

In this Crucix operation, the Civil Guard has been able to verify the theft of at least 861 crosses, in addition to other figures and religious ornaments, with a value of more than € 450,000, which generated significant social alarm and significant emotional and patrimonial damage their victims.

These five detained persons have been made available to the corresponding Court of First Instance and Instruction of Toledo.

The operation has been carried out by members of the Investigation Team of the Civil Guard of Mora, the Organic Unit of the Toledo Civil Guard and the USECIC of the Toledo Command.

The Civil Guard thanks the citizens for their collaboration and recalls that the emergency telephone number of the Civil Guard, 062, is available 24 hours a day. Likewise, the existence of the free mobile application ALERTCOPS is reported so that in case of any eventuality they can contact the State Security Forces and Corps.

For any information related to this press release, you can contact the OPC of the Toledo Command. Tef: 925225900 ext: 237/683647072.


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