During the inauguration of the IV Conference on "Public Function: Efficiency and Hierarchy" of the Spanish Federation of Associations of the Superior Bodies of the Civil Administration of the State (FEDECA), the also acting minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas , he has opted for young people, the new candidates to enter the General State Administration: "We want good professionals, willing to integrate and dedicate themselves to public service".

The minister has highlighted the work of public employees in Spain, especially in the important and difficult moments: "When something big happens," he explained, "like the wildfires this summer or the effects of DANA, citizens always they were calmer when different bodies of the General State Administration appeared. In the great moments, public employees are always up to the task. "

Public Function adapted to the new times

Planas has stressed that new human resources must be allocated according to the most needy sectors, guaranteeing direct attention to citizens, taking into account the aging of the workforce and counting on the development of new technologies in the General State Administration ( AGE).
Public employment offers, the minister points out, should be used as what they really are, human resources planning instruments, and developed as such with criteria such as those used in the last one, approved last March: "A multiannual estimate to three years to know the demands of each department, an analysis based on the 'base 0' methodology to know the real needs, review the coverage rate of the places summoned to optimize their endowment and consider the quarries of opponents for each body formed by who have not passed a selective process but maintain the expectation of achieving it by continuing their preparation. "

The staff of the AGE are aged, the minister recalled, aggravating the situation freezing the templates during the years of crisis. The average age of public employees today is 52 years, almost ten years older than 42.5 of the active population as a whole.

Job creation, social dialogue and social policies

The balance of the last year and a half shows the importance for this Government of the public function as a guarantee of the provision of quality, accessible, modern, telematic and equal public services, "because the Administration is a machine for generating equality and of guaranteeing the rights of citizens, "said the minister, who has reviewed the important progress made during this period:

  •  Public Employment: the two largest offers of the last decade (64,637 places).
  •  Social Dialogue: impulse to negotiate with the unions (11 agreements).
  •  Social Policies: progress in reconciling professional, personal and family life, equality of men and women, protection of victims of gender violence and elimination of discrimination in access to public employment.

"In this year and a half," said the minister, "our fundamental objective has been that the economic recovery, from which they already benefited in other areas, will also be transferred to the public sector. That is why, despite the budget extension, it has guaranteed this year the fixed remuneration increase of 2.25% to public employees of all public administrations, also an additional 0.25% linked to GDP growth and 0.25% corresponding to additional funds agreed with trade union organizations " .

The minister has also stressed that the increase agreed for next year, with effects of January 1, will be undertaken when the new Government is formed, because legal difficulties prevent it from being applied now.

Planas recalled the suppression of the cut that the previous Government established in 2012 for public employees in a situation of temporary disability, and the signing of the IV single agreement of labor personnel, the first of this type signed in ten years and the company agreement largest that affects almost 40,000 public employees. Also, the public employment offers of 2018 (30,844 places) and 2019 (33,793 places), the highest since 2008, with net job creation and concentrating the replacement of personnel in needy sectors. The AGE has also exceeded the objective of reducing temporary employment to 8% in three years, agreed with the unions, placing it only at 1.93%.

In equal opportunities, it has reviewed some progress: "Extension of paternity leave to 16 weeks on a non-transferable basis, which will be applied progressively, eight weeks this year, twelve in 2020 and sixteen in 2021, a measure that will favor the care of the children fall equally to both parents, both in the duration of the permit and in the responsibility. A bag of cumulative freely available hours for the care and care of the elderly, persons with disabilities and minor children has also been created. "

The minister also recalled the agreement of the Public Administration Sector Conference on inter-administrative mobility due to gender-based violence, "to facilitate the transfer of public employees victims of this type of violence to the Administration and population they request, without suffering loss of remuneration or retreat in his professional career ".

In equality policies, Planas has highlighted the agreement to eliminate barriers that were maintained for access to public employment in certain bodies of officials (Customs Surveillance, Penitentiary Institutions, FCSE and FFAA), for having diagnosed celiac disease, diabetes, HIV or psoriasis.

Planas, which has guaranteed that the new Government will continue working for public employment and launching new projects, has defended the objective of this Government to have a professional, independent and trained public function: "Public employees have been an indispensable pillar in the construction of the democratic model and exemplary workers in the maintenance of public services during the years of the crisis, that is why we have recovered the rights they had lost.Now we have other challenges ahead, such as the aging of the workforce and the attraction of the young talent that will relieve those who leave, to continue to have public employees who continue to provide the best public services to the public. "

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