Florentino Pérez chairs the meeting of Madrid clubs in Jeddah

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NEWS | 01/12/2020 | Alberto Navarro (Jeddah) | PHOTOGRAPHER: V. Carretero and A. Villalba

"We have the opportunity to continue making history all together," said the president to the fans who attended the event.

The clubs did not miss the appointment with their team in Jeddah. The Hilton hotel hosted an exciting event in which representatives from 16 clubs of the Real Madrid in the hours before the end of the Spain Supercup (19:00 hours; Movistar Champions League). “Today there are the clubs of Real Madrid in Saudi Arabia, specifically those of this city of Jeddah. Peñas have also arrived from the Emirates, Algeria, Morocco, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, Mauritania, India, Lebanon and several from Spain, "said the president Florentino Pérez, which was cheered by those present.

“We have the opportunity to continue making history all together. We face the final of the Spain Supercup which is celebrated for the first time in Saudi Arabia. And you should know that our players will give everything until the end. The soul will be left for you and for the millions of Real Madrid who are waiting for this triumph today. It will be difficult because in front we will have a great rival such as Atlético de Madrid. This grand finale will once again be a benchmark for Spanish football before the world. And you and all the Real Madrid fans who will go to King Abdullah Stadium today will be decisive for victory. "

Union of Real Madrid

"Your support will be the main force for our players, with our great coach Zinedine Zidane to the head, you can lift this Spain Supercup, which would be our eleventh Spain Supercup. This team once again demonstrates their hunger for triumphs and our players are aware that with this shirt and this shield nobody gives up until the end. ”

“The unity of all Real Madrid is what makes us feel that we are always prepared for the greatest of challenges. The grand finale of the Spain Supercup we will live it together to try to continue feeding this wonderful myth that is the Real Madrid and Real Madrid. Values ​​such as work, companionship, team spirit, humility, respect and solidarity are what have marked our history in these almost 118 years of life. ”

Our players are aware that with this shirt and this shield nobody gives up until the end.

“Real Madrid is universal, it is a passion that unites millions of people around the world, regardless of the country of origin, language, religion or the different cultures to which it belongs. We are joined by the values ​​that have made the Real Madrid the most loved and admired club in the world. We know what the Real Madrid It means for people who follow our club across all continents. And that generates us a great illusion, but also an enormous responsibility to continue working with a single objective: to try to fulfill the dreams and illusions of all our partners and our fans ”.

The heat of the Real Madrid fans in Jeddah

“We have been welcomed here with a very special affection. For this reason, I want to thank you in the first place for this reception that has made us all feel as if we were in our house. We have checked your hospitality and also the passion that causes Real Madrid for these lands ”.

"For him Real Madrid and for your players your support and your presence in Jeddah is very important. Many are part of the Madrid clubs distributed throughout this region of the world and we are proud of the work you do. Thank you for your loyalty, your support and for everything you do for him. Real Madrid"

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