Florentino Pérez: “Merry Christmas and that 2020 is a year of success and titles for our teams”

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NEWS | 12/23/2019

The president, Zidane, Laso, Ramos, Marcelo, Reyes and Llull congratulate the Madrid festivities and wish him a prosperous 2020.

President Florentino Pérez, the trainers Zinedine Zidane Y Pablo Laso and the captains of soccer and basketball, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Felipe Reyes Y Sergio Llull, congratulate the festivities to Real Madrid and provide that by 2020 the teams of the Real Madrid keep giving fans joy.

Florentino Pérez: "Have a happy holiday season"

"As we all know, the Real Madrid It is a universal feeling that unites millions of people around the world. To our partners and fans I wish you a happy holiday in the company of your families and your loved ones. "

"These are very special dates in which we must not forget one of our main values, such as solidarity. We are proud of the solidarity work of our Real Madrid Foundation. We are in 80 countries next to those who need us most, especially children who are at serious risk of social exclusion. "

"For this new year I ask for health, work and happiness for all. We want the year 2020 to be a year of success and titles for our football and basketball teams. We will always keep in mind our motto of never giving up and continue working with the same enthusiasm so that the Real Madrid continue to be the most loved and admired sports institution in the world. Happy Holidays to all".

Zidane: "Do your best to make our fans proud"

"We want to continue with our good dynamics and with the results that are allowing us to stay alive in all the competitions we are contesting. I will not ask for anything else because we are all very connected to what we are doing and that is the most important thing for a coach ".

Ramos: "In 2020 we ask many successes on a professional level and that we respect the injuries".

"We know the importance of our hobby and we will do our best to be proud of us. This is how we will be able to achieve important things this year."

Laso: "That the team remains competitive"

"The first thing is health in all aspects of life both personally and professionally. From there you can ask a thousand things. On a professional level I would like the team to remain competitive, as it has shown in recent years, and to have many successes that cheer all Real Madrid players ".

Ramos: "To the new year we ask you many successes and to respect our injuries"

"In 2020 we ask many successes on a professional level for the whole team and that we respect the injuries. We also arrive alive to the three competitions. We like to reach the end being well in League and doing a good role both in the Champions League like in the Copa del Rey. Personally, that they continue to respect my injuries and that I can play the greatest number of games with my club, which is what makes me happier. "

Marcelo: "I wish many good things in the new year"

"To the new year I ask for health because without health it is impossible to get the things you want. Also many successes, joy and good things. On a personal level a lot of health and that we do not have injuries. That we be happy and enjoy life as you can , especially within the field, which is the most beautiful. "

Reyes: "Let it be a year full of successes"

"The only thing I ask for and the most important thing is health for my family and my loved ones. On a professional level it is a year full of successes and in which we conquer many titles and we can celebrate them with all Real Madrid players."

Llull: "Give 100% to try to get many titles"

"Personally I want a lot of health for all and that we respect the injuries. Professionally, we have a year full of success. We will fight and give 100% to try to get many titles and celebrate them with our great hobby."

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