Florentino Pérez: “We deserve this Super Cup”

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NEWS | 01/12/2020

"We must continue to feed this legend that is Real Madrid and is based on titles," said the president.

Florentino Pérez attended to Realmadrid TV after the final in which the whites raised the Spanish Super Cup title: “This means starting the year well and we are very happy. We have been given the opportunity, circumstances have been given and I believe that we are worthy of this Super Cup. I am very happy, like all Real Madrid players. We have come here to play a new Super Cup format, we have played both games, we have won and we are very satisfied. One more title. ”

"Zidane He has made full and we hope he gives us many more endings and many more titles. In the game I have been calm. In the extension less and in the penalties one is very nervous. There is no doubt that we are specialists in winning a trophy for penalties. Here already one who has been for many years … suffers less I want to congratulate Atlético de Madrid because he has also been a worthy opponent of this final of the Super Cup"

Courtois and Valverde

"TO Courtois We have brought him because we believe he is the best goalkeeper in the world and today he has proved it. It has been one of the architects of victory and also Fede Valverde, to which they have given the best player award. He has made an extraordinary match today and also Valencia day. He is one of the greats that this year is playing very well and all the fans are very happy. ”

“You never know what would have happened, but it is true that he avoided a clear chance of Morata's goal in front of the goalkeeper, that the goalkeeper could have stopped it or many things could have happened. But there is no doubt that this allowed us to tie to zero, reach penalties and win the cup. Valverde The last games have been a great revelation for how young he is. ”

Zidane has done full and we hope he gives us many more finals and many more titles.

"There has been a great hospitality, the number of Real Madrid players has been seen here in Jeddah and I can only speak well of everything, the format, the environment and especially the title."

Finals against Atlético

“Cherry tree has behaved like what it is, a gentleman. In addition, he is a great friend and one always has the illusion of playing the finals with a team like Atlético de Madrid and also my solidarity with him when he is lost, because the penalties influence who throws them, but there is also a lot of luck and this time it has fallen from our side. ”

First title of the year

“All the titles motivate the team, the coach, the fans and starting this year with a new title is a great illusion for everyone. We must continue to feed this myth and this legend that is the Real Madrid and it is based on titles. We have three ahead and we will try to win all three. ”

Message to the fans

“What I always tell you, at Christmas I told you that we wanted titles too, and the Kings have brought us the first one. Real Madrid players are happy with this team. It is true that we had a bad stage last year, but the fans are very happy right now because we have renewed the illusion with new young players and also with the big stars we had. And this mix with Zinedine Zidane The front is working and this is proof that it is so. We are very excited to win another title this season. ”

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