El senador del Partido Popular, Carlos Floriano

The deputy spokesman of the GPP states that our Social Security model "is the most important social heritage of the Spanish"

The deputy spokesman of the Popular Group in the Senate, Carlos Floriano, assured, during the control session held this afternoon in the upper house, that the socialist government “is determined to break the current Social Security model, the social heritage more important of the Spaniards ”.

During his speech at the Plenary, Floriano reminded the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, the words he spoke a few days ago after meeting with the Basque Government, when he stated, verbatim, 'to have agreed on the beginning of the transfers of matters related to the transfer of the competence related to the economic management of Social Security in June 2021 and which will culminate in December of the same year, once the Toledo Pact agreements are well advanced '.

The deputy spokesman of the PP has accused the Executive of being willing to study “if the pensions are still under a national regime or can be controlled by each territorial unit; or if the recognition of pensions or benefits for dependent children, we continue to do so at the national level or it becomes the responsibility of an Autonomous Community ”.

Likewise, Floriano has reproached Minister Escrivá that they are willing to study whether the recognition of disabilities continues under a single and unitary regime like the current one, or happens to be controlled by each territory, which in his opinion, “means breaking with the uniform criteria at national level ”.

Floriano has affirmed that the current Social Security system ensures the solidarity and equality of all Spaniards in the matter of pensions and has remarked that when “the PSOE left the Government in 1996, its employment policy broke the system of bankruptcy. Social Security".

Finally, the popular senator stressed that it was a socialist government, that of Rodríguez Zapatero, the only one that has lowered the pensions of our elders, and they did – Floriano recalled – “in that infamous May 2010 session in Congress of the Deputies. ”

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