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The GPP deputy spokesman affirms that if the Government's management "is reckless, bad and arrogant", we have to report it

The deputy spokesman for the Popular Group in the Senate, Carlos Floriano, has called on the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, that "they do not threaten the civil rights of the Spanish, nor do they attack freedom of expression."

The popular senator has asked Minister Marlaska to stop "his threats" and has assured that "if they do not test we must report it, if there are more deaths than those who say they must be said and if their management is reckless, bad and arrogant, We have to report it. "

Floriano asked the Interior Minister, Grande-Marlaska, during the control session to the Government held this afternoon, if he continued to maintain that his Ministry had nothing to regret in relation to its management in the coronavirus crisis.

The deputy GPP spokesman has stated that “due to the incompetence of the Government, we are leading some of the blackest world records of the pandemic; more deaths per million inhabitants and more infected health personnel ”.

Likewise, Floriano has reproached the minister for “offering us press conferences every day and, on weekends, speeches of more than an hour with the language of war. He pointed out that what the Spanish “demand is something much simpler, we want protection for the health workers who risk their lives, we want masks and tests that work”.

"The solution is not to keep the Spaniards locked up in their homes, the solution is to do massive tests, because each day that passes without taking them there will be more infections and the economic and social crisis will be greater." Floriano has denounced that the massive tests are not being carried out and has pointed out that "as long as the tests are not carried out, the healthy population cannot be separated from the infected population and the virus will continue to spread and kill the weakest population, our elders."

In this sense, the popular senator recalled that in the nursing homes, only those with symptoms are allowed to carry out the coronavirus test.

Lastly, Carlos Floriano has demanded that Minister Marlaska decree "national mourning in memory of so many Spaniards who deserve it", for the more than 21,000 Spaniards who have died of the coronavirus.

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