El portavoz adjunto del GPP en el Senado, Carlos Floriano

"They deliberately delayed confronting the epidemic and the proof of this is that since February 4 you have chaired the Interministerial Coordination Committee"

The deputy spokesman for the Popular Group in the Senate and senator for Cáceres, Carlos Floriano, has stated emphatically, in the control session held this afternoon, that "from the Government they saw the health crisis coming from COVID-19, they knew the risk, but they denied it and now the consequences are terrifying. "

Floriano has made these accusations during the debate on an interpellation on the role that the Interministerial Coordination Committee, chaired by the 1st Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, will have in the process of returning to democratic normality.

The GPP deputy spokesman has assured that "they deliberately delayed facing the epidemic and the proof of this is that since February 4 you have chaired the Interministerial Coordination Committee," he told Calvo. What did you do when the WHO warns you, on February 3, of the risk of shortages or when they announce that the threat is very serious and days later, on February 28, that it is very high? He asked.

"They were late, they do a dull and sloppy management of the crisis, they forget transparency and they turn their backs on the criteria of the international health authorities," Floriano reproached the vice president.

According to the PP senator, the Government "tries to impose an official version to cover its negligent management." Thus, he has been reminded of the chain of errors made, such as, for example, saying that the masks should not be worn, for a few weeks later saying that they are mandatory. "Are you aware of the dramatic cost of these errors? You have asked Carmen Calvo.

Likewise, it has denounced that despite the fact that the Government knew the risk of this pandemic, “they did not buy individual protection systems, they did not suspend public acts, nor did they take any measures at our borders. There are the results of his negligence. "


On the other hand, the GPP deputy spokesman has assured that "the coalition government is more comfortable with the limitation of the civil rights of the Spanish, than with constitutional normality."

"The limitation of the civil rights of the Spanish is not the only alternative to win the virus, because there is a health, economic and legal alternative," he said to Carmen Calvo, while criticizing the government for using the state of alarm to reform Justice, Education, the register and even regulation of the markets.

In addition, he has accused the 1st Vice President of using the state of alarm "for the infamous persecution of the Government against citizens who criticize its management, either through the networks or on the street."


At another point in his speech in plenary, Carlos Floriano referred to the closure of the Transparency Portal and reminded him that public contracts without competition and companies that are acting as intermediaries are appearing, "despite having nothing to do with the health sector ”.

For this reason, he has asked the vice president for the reasons to reject purchases from Spanish companies and their production offers, "You prefer to buy from Chinese companies through unknown intermediaries," he said.

Lastly, Floriano has accused the Government of “hiding the real number of deaths from the coronavirus in nursing homes; inventing nonexistent reports like the one at John Hopkins University; and send news to foreign newspapers and then cite them as authority. "

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