El senador del Partido Popular, Carlos Floriano

He assures that "the Government of Sánchez wants to exchange being in power in exchange for impunity for those who tried to end the Constitution"

Carlos Floriano has assured today, in the Plenary of the Senate, that "the Government of Sánchez will process the pardons to the prisoners of the‘ procés ’as payment for the investiture and the General State Budgets." The deputy spokesman for the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate was referring to this in defense of a proposal for a PP Law, in which he requested to criminalize the calling of an illegal referendum.

Floriano has affirmed, in reference to the announcement made this morning by the Minister of Justice, in which he indicated that next week 'he will begin to process requests for pardon for those convicted of sedition crimes for their participation in the independence process of Catalonia ', that "the Government wants to exchange being in power in exchange for impunity for those who tried to end the Constitution and current legislation."

To this is added the statements of the Minister of Justice about the immediate reform of the crimes of rebellion and sedition in the Penal Code, which the Government has already announced, for the benefit of those convicted by 1-O, the senator has remarked. of the PP.


Floriano has referred this way in the plenary session of the Senate, in the debate of a Proposal of Organic Law of modification of the Organic Law 10/1995, of November 23, of the Penal Code, in which the PP requested “to typify the conduct of authority or official who calls a referendum against what is established in the Constitution ”.

Throughout his intervention in the defense of this initiative of the PP, Floriano has shown that it has its “most remote antecedents” in the modification introduced by Organic Law 20/2003 that incorporated the crime of convocation into our criminal law illegal elections or consultations by referendum of authority or public official, at the initiative of a government of the Popular Party; and that was subsequently repealed, in 2005, at the initiative of a government of the socialist party.

In this sense, the PP senator has pointed out that in the "most recent antecedents", we find "the commitment of the Popular Party in the last elections to recover this criminal offense and, surprising as it may seem, in that of the current Prime Minister" . Not surprisingly, in a televised debate, Mr. Sánchez could be heard saying: “We are going to incorporate a new crime into the Penal Code to prohibit once and for all the holding of illegal referendums in Catalonia, as has happened when he governed the PP ". "I close the quotation marks", has remarked Floriano.

"We must try to rise from the concrete political situation and try to provide, as legislators, a solution to a serious problem that we suffer and that we must solve better today than tomorrow," added Carlos Floriano.

Thus, the senator from Extremadura has pointed out that the criminal law that arises to discourage behaviors that attack our democracy has not been efficient, "because it only displays its effectiveness once the acts that violate constitutional principles have been consummated."

"There is the ultimate reason, this is where the root cause of our initiative comes from, anticipating the defense of our democracy, deterring the behavior of those who want to take advantage of the ideological pluralism that our Constitution defends to change it, without respecting the procedures established to do so" , has apostilled.


At another point in his speech, Carlos Floriano stated that "the criminal sanction of the illegal referendum call becomes another bulwark to defend the Constitution of 78 against those who want to change its content, without having the majority social agreement."

"There are those who try, using legal loopholes, to transform our constitutional regime to turn it into another without respecting the established procedures to do so," added the popular senator.

To conclude, Floriano explained that the Constitution of 78 has allowed us “the greatest period of freedom and prosperity in our country” and that, “with its problems, it has been shown to be the best of the systems, it deserves support like the one that Today we are doing from the Popular Party to defend it and for which I ask for your support ”. Specifically, Floriano has asked for support to the PSOE, "because it is very important that we anticipate the response for those who want to attack our constitutional order," he has finished

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