The number of unemployed in Catalonia has increased in August in 12,588 people (3.51%) compared to the previous month, the worst August since 2009.

In year-on-year terms, registered unemployment was reduced by 9,300 people (-2.44%). In this sense, the inter-annual reduction in registered unemployment is the lowest in a month of August since 2013. In this way, the number of unemployed in Catalonia is 371,418 people.

Regarding contracting, fewer contracts have been made than in the previous month (135,333 less), and duality between temporary contracts representing 11.11%, and indefinite contracts that represent 88.89% of total contracts made this month.

Treball Foment negatively assesses unemployment and affiliation data for the month of August. Considering the trends and projections of deceleration of economic growth and employment, it is essential that policies and regulations that encourage the creation of employment by companies by reducing labor costs and increasing labor flexibility mechanisms are promoted.

The number of registered unemployment in Catalonia is 371,418 unemployed people.

This decrease, in interannual terms, of registered unemployment of -2.44%, represents a reduction of 9,300 unemployed people less compared to the same month of the previous year.

Regarding the monthly variation, in Catalonia, in this month of August 2019 unemployment has registered an increase of 12,588 unemployed people less compared to the previous month (an increase of 3.51% in relative terms).

By sectors, the monthly increase in registered unemployment mainly affects the services sector (11,302), followed by construction (1,520) and industry (1,459). In agriculture and people without previous employment the number of unemployed has been reduced by 289 and 1,404 people, respectively.

By provinces, registered unemployment increases in all provinces. Specifically, in Barcelona it has increased by 9,415 people, in Girona by 1,403 people, in Tarragona by 1,265 people and in Lleida by 505 people. In inter-annual terms, unemployment is reduced by -2.25% in Barcelona, ​​-2.78% in Girona, -3.80% in Lleida and -2.85% in Tarragona.

The registered unemployment in each province is this August in 279.507 in Barcelona, ​​32.106 in Girona, 17.765 in Lleida and 42.040 in Tarragona.

Hiring Regarding the number of registered contracts During the month of August in Catalonia, the number of contracts stands at 217,793 contracts, of which 11.11% (24,205 contracts) have been indefinite, and 88.89%, that is, 193,588 contracts, have been temporary The number of contracts registered in Catalonia has decreased by -38.32% compared to the previous month (135,333 contracts less) and -6.46% compared to the month of August 2018 (15,034 contracts less).

At the state level, registered unemployment has increased by 54,371 people in relation to the previous month (1.81%). The unemployment figure at the state level stands at 3,065,804 people in August 2019 (-3.65% in annual terms).

Membership. In Catalonia, the number of Social Security affiliates has been in the month of August 2019 at 3,455,446 employed, which means 65,190 less employed compared to the month of July (-1,85%), and 80,045 more employed compared to the same month of the previous year (2.37%).

At the state level, the number of Social Security affiliates has been in the month of August in 19320.227 employed, which means a reduction of 212,984 affiliated persons compared to the previous month (-1.09%), and in annual terms the affiliation recorded an increase of 480,413 affiliates (2.55%).

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