Foreign works on the return of some 3,000 Spaniards who have requested to return to Spain

Although most have managed to return thanks to commercial solutions provided by embassies and consulates, a large part of them have come on the nearly 40 planes that Spain has organized. To date, 35 operations have already been carried out, to which must be added one more from Peru (April 18), one from Equatorial Guinea (April 21), one from the Philippines (April 23), one from Argentina (27 April), one from Australia (April 30) and some others in which we are working as with Bolivia and Colombia, for example.

Of these last days, the arrival of a Senegal flight chartered by a Murcia company with 107 people (47 Spaniards, 52 Senegalese residents in Spain and the rest EU citizens) can be highlighted; yesterday's departure of another flight from Venezuela with 275 passengers, of which 50 Spanish; the arrival today of yet another flight from Buenos Aires (there are already five from Argentina) with 287 Europeans, including 279 Spaniards; and finally, the arrival this morning of a flight from Helsinki that landed in Malaga with 20 students on board, bringing the number of Spaniards arriving from Finland to 59 this week.

During this period, Spain has also been able to bring numerous European citizens, as well as many Spaniards have been able to come on chartered flights from other European countries, by activating the European Civil Protection Mechanism. The Commission estimates that more than 26,000 Europeans have been able to return thanks to this mechanism.

From the Ministry, we continue to focus on facilitating the return of all Spanish travelers who have expressed their willingness to return to Spain. So that this effort can be calibrated, the Consular Emergency Division has been reinforced with 140 volunteer officials, to attend to the phone calls of compatriots abroad, also on weekends and at night. The Division received more than 45,000 calls between March 10 and April 10.

On the other hand, the ALOJA platform, an initiative launched by the Ministry that aims to facilitate contact between Spanish residents abroad and Spanish tourists in need of temporary accommodation, has facilitated 427 Spaniards who have offered accommodation, while 415 have requested it in just two weeks of life, since its commissioning on April 3.

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