Fostering ‘intrapreneurship’ in companies is essential, according to experts gathered by Esade and CEOE

Encourage the intrapreneurship in companies to be more global and innovative is essential. This has been stated by the experts gathered at the first Esade-CEOE Entrepreneurship Forum, which has brought together academics and professionals such as Alberto Tornero, Director of High Growth Potential Companies Area, PwC Spain, and Inés Juste, president of Grupo Juste and vice president of CEOE, who has listed some of the benefits of the intrapreneurship, such as "the possibility of failure and that workers have the purpose of feeling more involved in companies."

The Forum had the conference of the Professor of the Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences of Esade, Xavier Ferràs, who has ensured that “It is good to consider what are the start-ups what can 'hack you ' and make your company disappear ", exemplifying it with the case of innovation of Kodak. "Many businesses have failed, because those responsible, although they were very good at what they did, did not activate the search engines," said Ferràs. “It is necessary to be informed, to work with outsiders and not insiders in order to explore new options, in addition to using technology, develop a certain venture capital mentality, require specific spaces to promote intrapreneurship, attract and encourage the best talent, use specific methodologies, open innovation and support systems, and, finally, measure what we do ”, added the professor.

Barriers to entrepreneurship

Regarding the Entrepreneurship Law, Fermín Albaladejo, president of the Commission for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship of CEOE, has commented that "the current moment makes the need for entrepreneurship special" and that it should be considered that "the reality of entrepreneurship is heterogeneous" , in addition to "the need for a second chance law."

In this sense, the academic collaborator of Esade, Alex Carbonell, has pointed out that "entrepreneurship should not only be digital" and that "you have to look for what really represents an innovation". Toni Roldán, director of EsadeEcPol, highlighted in his speech the "difficulty of growth for companies so that they can expand and innovate".

The need to limit bureaucracy and encourage talent attraction, as well as the need for funding or improvement of the crowdfundingare some of the critical issues on which the experts have agreed.

The president of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, during the welcome to the 'Esade-CEOE Entrepreneurship Forum', pointed out the need to "change the idea that it is not worth creating companies in Spain" and that, for this, "we must put the focus on awareness and training ”. He then highlighted the programs that the CEOE develops jointly with Esade, such as the Promote Project, the Progresa project and the Unstoppable Girls. In the welcome, he was accompanied by the general director of Esade, Koldo Echebarria, who stressed the importance of "talking about the institutional framework of entrepreneurship, developing legislation that promotes entrepreneurship and adding". "Entrepreneurship goes beyond an individual factor, the intrapreneurship group ”, Echebarria concluded.

The closing was in charge of Fermín Albaladejo, president of the Commission for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship of CEOE, and within the framework of the day Mario Lara, director of Esade Madrid, also intervened, and the host of the event was Javier Villaseca, founder of and business angel.

About Esade and Esade Alumni

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