Four people surprised by the Civil Guard drone while meeting in the plaza of a town in Navarra

The neighbors had already denounced these habitual meetings, but the denounced dispersed before the police presence

The Civil Guard has identified and denounced four people who regularly met in the Plaza de Adios (Navarra) since the declaration of the state of alarm. To achieve its identification, it was necessary to use the drone provided by the Rapid Action Group (GAR) of Navarra.

Several neighbors had denounced the repeated non-compliance with the confinement by a group of people who met in the town square to meet. When citizen security patrols tried to locate them, the defendants quickly hid in their homes.
Aided by the images offered by the drone, the agents have finally been able to identify and denounce these four people for breaching the decreed movement limitations.
For more information, please contact the Peripheral Communication Office (O.P.C) of the Civil Guard of Navarra, Telf. ​​948-296850, ext. 45200/636220642.


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