The parliamentarian of VOX for Granada, Francisco Ocaña, has appeared in the debate on the 'Next Generation Funds', in which he has asked to "look to the future with the wisdom of what happened and take the necessary measures so that they do not happen again" .

"What happened cannot be repeated, if it is important to overcome the socio-economic consequences that allow the recovery to accelerate, it is even more so, to make our economies the best prepared for the future," said Ocaña.

The VOX parliamentarian has insisted on the need to "bet on our productive fabric and take advantage of the opportunity that the arrival of these funds offers us."

"The pandemic has not only revealed the numerous cracks in our health system, it has also been very eloquent in terms of the structural weaknesses of our economy," explained Francisco Ocaña, who lamented that "as always" the most affected are the little ones Entrepreneurs, who have seen and see in their day to day, how they suffered and suffer the worst restrictions for their businesses without anyone giving them an alternative that would allow them to endure the challenge they are suffering.

“Spain has to catch up with the best countries in the world in terms of economic strength. The NEXT GENERATION funds can help a lot to this end, ”stressed the VOX deputy, who also denounced how the previous socialist governments have weakened the credibility of Andalusia in Europe with their successive cases of corruption.

"How can they evaluate positively the projects developed in Andalusia under the 'Next Generation Funds' if the perception of us abroad is simply that we are not to be trusted and that we are unable to manage?" to Juan Marín.

In his speech, Ocaña also highlighted the role of the aerospace sector as an economic engine of industrial attraction and the specific one advances in the special. Likewise, it has called for the construction of communication and logistics infrastructures to improve the competitiveness of our companies by reducing their expenses and bringing the exchange of goods closer.

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