From my window: Clàudia Cedó

The National Dramatic Center (CDN) opens the section From my window on their website and social networks. Different authors and authors will write and read a creative text about what they see from their window. The first podcast has been written by Clàudia Cedó that this season excited the public with his text Like a bitch in a wasteland.

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I get up
I tidy up the house a little.
I do my exercise routine
I shower
I prepare a good breakfast
And I start to write with a coffee in front
It's half past nine
She still hasn't woken up
When he gets up there will be boobs, and naps, and incomprehensible chatter that makes you laugh
When I get up I won't be able to write often
I will do it between takes, when he falls asleep, when he wants to stay in the hammock alone
When he gets up, my work will take a second place.
I will see it from afar, how the mountains in the background turn blue
And the ones in front, the closest ones, are green and clear, how much more important.

But one day there is someone who coughs on someone else.
And that second someone goes to the market and coughs on the food that many more buy
And so a virus begins to spread that will eventually reach my small town, forcing all of us to seclude ourselves in our homes.
Also to him
Then a new day will begin.
When she gets up there will be boobs, and naps, and incomprehensible chatter that makes you laugh
But I will not stop writing
Because I will not be alone with the girl.
He will be there, who will be able to see her wake up every morning.
That you can enjoy and take care of it
And my work will once again be a mountain in front of me.
One of the green and sharp
One of the important ones.

I realize the privilege of being able to live this confinement like this.
Of not having to share space with who mistreats me
Of having a space to share with someone
Of having orders to write
and a job that I can do from home.
Not to be sick or vulnerable to be.

But this confinement has also helped me to realize how necessary equality is between paternity leave and maternity leave.
Because having your own room is important.
But also it is to have time to enter it.

(Clàudia Cedó)

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