From my window: Pablo Messiez

Pablo Messiez is the next guest of the section From my window of the National Dramatic Center (CDN). In this section, various authors write and read a creative text about what they see from their window. The first podcast was Confinementby Clàudia Cedó.

On Wednesday April 1 we will publish in our account SoundCloud Pablo Messiez's podcast. Pablo Messiez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1974. He debuted in 2007 as a playwright and director of Before, a very free version of Frankie and the weddingby Carson McCullers. Prior to Before, Messiez had been on stage for more than twenty years. In 2015, he is summoned by the National Dramatic Center to direct the text The dark stone Alberto Conejero, a production for which he received the Max Prize for the best direction and best show. Parallel to his work as an actor, author and director, he has been developing his teaching activity in various studies and institutions

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