In recent days, numerous districts and areas of Malaga city, together with municipalities throughout the province, have canceled their parties, which for these entrepreneurs means not entering a single euro until fairs are allowed.

After a meeting between the Vice President of Fair Trade Entrepreneurs of Malaga and province, Rafael Blánquez, with the provincial president of VOX, José Enrique Lara, the vowel Antonio Pulido, and National deputies Patricia Rueda and Ruben Manso, VOX Malaga has known the reality that this economic sector of Spanish society is going through these months.

“The situation that the province of Malaga is experiencing has caused hundreds of fairgrounds to see their activities ceased when they have a greater volume of work. For this reason, from VOX Malaga we demand a number of measures from the town councils to help this sector survive while this situation lasts, ”said the president of VOX Malaga. Among the measures proposed by the training to be carried out by the different consistories are:

  1. The full refund of the fees of the fairs suspended and that have already been paid in whole or in part.
  2. The automatic renewal of the agreements and licenses in force between the different consistories and the trade fair associations for the next 3 years.
  3. The approval of a local regulation that implies the reduction of the rates of the fairs to be held up to 36 months after the normalization of the operation of the fair sector.

During the meeting, Blánquez wanted to emphasize that the requests made by the fairgrounds are not based on the injection of liquidity by the local administrations, but on the reduction of taxes that apply in the form of fees and that are conceived by their own approved criteria in plenary sessions by the same consistories. "It is important that the municipalities of Malaga, through their different areas, care about the families who live in this sector and that they provide the necessary aid," said Antonio Pulido.

From the VOX group in the Congress of Deputies, a Proposition No of Law will be presented in which the central Government is urged to help the fair sector, consisting of numerous activities of commerce, restoration, recreation or crafts, that their activity has been damaged. In our country there are around 40,000 businessmen and freelancers who are dedicated to activities related to the fair sector. All of them are experiencing difficulties when their economic income is reduced. "After the crisis caused by the coronavirus and with the" state of alarm "decreed; fairs, festivals and popular festivals, among others, were canceled. Everything seems to indicate that this sector will be one of the last to restart its activity ”, Patricia Rueda explained.

At the telematic meeting, it has been reported that many of these workers register with the Special Social Security Scheme for Self-Employed or Self-Employed Workers when they start the season. As they did not start their activity due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they did not register with RETA, so they have not been able to take advantage of the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity. "This will be a difficult year for fair trade entrepreneurs, who do not know what to expect since the Government does not offer solutions. Many of them, self-employed, have to face the payment of taxes despite zero income, and we should not forget that in turn the fair trade entrepreneurs are the livelihood of thousands of families in Malaga and throughout the national territory. That is why, from Malaga, at VOX we are working on parliamentary initiatives in order to urge the Government to adopt the necessary measures for fair businessmen, ”Rueda explained.

The measures they propose from the fairground sector are reasonable and are in line with what VOX has been asking for in the Lower House. “It is about saving jobs, not creating subsidies. The fair activity, like any activity that generates employment, deserves to be protected by the State while this exceptional situation lasts, ”concluded deputy Rubén Manso.

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