Full inclusion transfers to VOX in Aragon the problem of cost overruns as a result of the pandemic. The organization represents people with intellectual or developmental disabilities in Aragon.

And its president, Santiago Villanueva, and the director-manager, Ramón Álvarez have met in the Cortes with the deputy David Arranz and the councilor in the Huesca City Council Antonio Laborda.

During the meeting, the VOX representatives were informed about the organization's problem with cost overruns. Particularly with the application of regulations as a consequence of the pandemic.

Thus, spending on protective equipment (PPE), testing, adaptation of spaces, hiring of staff, cleaning service … represent a titanic effort for this organization. An extra cost that no one is covering it, denounce those responsible for Plena Inclusion, and the network for the provision of services to intellectual disabilities in Aragon is at serious risk.

In addition, from Full Inclusion they demand a differentiated treatment with respect to the elderly or residences. There are diverse and very peculiar circumstances in this group of intellectual disabilities. These are young people, with a different situation, with other needs and to whom the same rules of isolation cannot be applied as older people.

In Full Inclusion they calculate these extra costs between 22 and 30 percent. And they need to increase the price per seat if they want to maintain the same quality of service. As well as reestablishing the activity of the day centers as well as that of the occupational centers.

VOX in Aragon, in defense of the rights and promotion of the quality of life of each person with intellectual or developmental disabilities. And also from their families.

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