Fundación Telefónica, CEOE and the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción launch the second edition of the ‘Nanogrado de la Construcción 4.0’

In the middle of a State of Alarm for the Covid-19 pandemic, Fundación Telefónica, the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and the Construction Labor Foundation launched the new training itinerary, online and free, “Nanogrado Construcción 4.0”, with a duration of 220 hours of training organized through seven flexible modules specialized in different subjects whose objective is to contribute to promoting digitization in the sector.

The three entities are now launching the second edition of this innovative itinerary, in which so far a total of 4,653 professionals have been trained in any of these modules since April, registering more than 11,000 registrations for the various modules. , which means that each person has completed an average of almost two and a half modules.

The registration period for this second edition is now open and the modules will begin on November 3. Registration is done online through the following link:

The most successful modules

The Nanograd contents cover transversal knowledge common to any sector -digital marketing, web analytics or big data; efficient use of the smartphone in project management and new work environments and methodologies in Industry 4.0-, and specific competences of the sector -Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology, introduction to Big Data, Internet of things (IoT) or cases of successful digitization in construction companies.

The module in which more students have been trained has been "New work environments and methodologies in Industry 4.0" (2,196), followed by "Digital Marketing and Web Analytics" (1,993), and "BIM Methodology" (1,670).

It should also be noted that more than 600 students completed 100% of the Nanograduate, completing the seven modules that make it up and, therefore, will be eligible for its certification.

The project "Professionals 4.0"

The "Nanograd Construction 4.0" is the first initiative framed within the "Professionals 4.0" program, created and launched by Fundación Telefónica and CEOE in 2019, with the aim of promoting the digitization of the Spanish productive sector. In turn, this project is part of the “Conecta Empleo” initiative, Fundación Telefónica's digital training program, which offers free, quality training so that people can obtain a specialization in the most demanded digital professions, learn the skills and necessary digital skills and can connect their participants with the country's technology companies.

Currently, almost half of the Spanish population still lacks digital skills, a fact that has become more relevant since the socio-health crisis of Covid-19 and that, without a doubt, implies a high risk of exclusion and social gap, in a labor context uncertain and increasingly digital.

Construction – through the Construction Labor Foundation – has been the first sector chosen to carry out this completely free and online training, as it is in the process of digitization, especially due to the arrival of the new collaborative work concept called Building Information Modeling (BIM).

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