Algeciras July 27, 2020. The spokesperson for the Municipal Group VOX in Algeciras will request at the next plenary session that the government team turn to the celebration of "Tourism Day" on September 27, as it would be an excellent opportunity to help the city's economy so battered due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Gallardo remembers that this year the anniversary falls on a Sunday and that it could be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the entire weekend and if anti-covid measures allow it at that time and always respecting health safety regulations, a calendar of activities could be created in collaboration with the cultural groups of Algeciras, businessmen and neighborhood associations.

From the Municipal Group VOX we propose a weekend of recreational activities, beginning on the afternoon of Thursday 24 and ending on Monday, September 28, which has been the date that it was agreed in full to transfer the festivity of June 24.

It would be an excellent opportunity to attract visiting Algeciras from all over the Campo de Gibraltar region and promote Algeciras as a cultural, natural and cultural destination, where the figure of Paco de Lucía, history and natural activities could be an excellent attraction to attract public .

In addition, during those days, parade activities, singing games and puppets, gastronomic tastings, verbena, flamenco exhibition tablaos and music could be scheduled in the city to encourage both Algeciras and visitors to discover the charms of the city and enhance the talent of local artists.

To do this, Gallardo proposes that part of the municipal budget for parties and events that has not been consumed be used to launch this initiative that would help boost the city's economy.

Finally, the VOX spokesperson wants to ask the government team to urgently contact the city's collectives so that the celebration of this anniversary is a first step to empower Algeciras as a tourist destination.

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