To thegeciras April 11, 2020.- The municipal group VOX in Algeciras will register an urgent and exceptional motion to fully carry out a proposal that urges all political groups that have representation in the municipal plenary to allocate their assignments, as far as possible, and without harming employment. , to local associations that are working to help those affected by coronavirus in the locality.

In addition, Gallardo will request in plenary session the suspension of the budgetary execution of any aid or subsidy to unions, business organizations, foundations, associations, or any private entities in which the project, activity, program or action does not include aid to the groups. affected by the coronavirus crisis.

From the municipal group VOX, they hope that this motion will be taken into account by the government team, despite being the second motion that the formation presents, despite the fact that by agreement PP and PSOE, the motions were reduced to one to the smallest groups with municipal representation. Something that was already criticized since our formation when it was adopted.

For Gallardo, given these exceptional and very serious circumstances that Algeciras are experiencing, this limitation of being able to contribute ideas, proposals, and exercise control to the municipal government, only undermines the right of citizens when their political representatives can act. with unity and determination in the face of a serious economic and health problem that draws a dark horizon for families and businessmen from Algeciras.

That is why from the municipal group VOX, appeal is made to the common sense and good will of the mayor and the government team, so that this proposal does not remain in a drawer, due to an unfair limitation

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