Cuca Gamarra en Toledo

He remarks that during the pandemic the Executive has taken political and non-technical decisions, while criticizing that the President of the Sundays have served for Sánchez to lie "to the captive public" and say that he had formed the committee of experts

"Neither experts nor scientific evidence: the committee was made up of a minister, a general director and Dr Simón," he criticizes.

"If the Sánchez government could do things wrong, it has made them worse" and, therefore, "Spain has the highest number of infected, deceased and affected health workers."

The PP's Deputy Secretary for Social Policy denounces that Spain is also one of the worst countries in terms of regrowth figures and "that has a name and a surname: Pedro Sánchez and Minister Illa."

He assures that the PP "wants to" activate Spain by recovering the vast majority "and with Pablo Casado's proposals in legal, economic and health matters.

He believes that "the world does not end in the Socialist Party, but begins beyond it" and conveys a message of hope to the Spanish because "the PP will soon be back in the institutions so that his life is better and easier "

He vindicates the “work well done” of the health workers during the pandemic, whom Garcia Page “has not treated well, has despised and insulted”.

Criticizes that the government wants to expropriate the savings of the municipalities to "waste" when "the needs are at the door of each neighbor and that can only be managed by a mayor."

Announces that "the PP, from the government or the opposition, is going to defend that the remnants of the municipalities have to serve to help the people who need it."

He shows his support for employers, the self-employed, "those who lift the blind with a lot of effort" and the workers at ERTE and assures that "they will have the PP at their side."

He anticipates that the school year will be “difficult” and bets on being next to public, private, concerted and special education because “the virus does not distinguish between schools and affects us all”.

"The PP will be together with students, parents, teachers and the entire educational community to propose, where appropriate, the necessary initiatives for things to be done well," says

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