La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra

The Deputy Secretary of Social Policy of the Popular Party and National Deputy of the Popular Party of La Rioja, Cuca Gamarra, has lamented that the President of this Community, Concha Andreu, “has decided to leave the Riojans lying and give us hostage so Pedro Sánchez arrives to the power. The Popular Party will defend, with more claw than ever, the interests of the Rioja people, wherever they live and vote what they vote. ”

Cuca Gamarra has made these statements today, day 8, together with the National Deputy, Javier Merino, and the Senators, Ana Lourdes González and Carlos Yécora, during an informative breakfast in which they assessed the beginning of the XIV Legislature, after the investiture of Pedro Sánchez as President of the Government of Spain.

“The national parliamentarians of the PP of La Rioja are going to perform an opposition task from loyalty and commitment to our voters and also to those who did not, defending Spain and La Rioja that has brought us here. Defending a framework of coexistence, we do not want two Spain or Frentismo, from the guarantee offered by the constitutional framework and the State of Autonomies, ”he said.

In turn, he has advocated regrouping the right-wing vote in La Rioja "to be the real alternative that will stand up to all the challenges that lie ahead." In the same way, he has sent a message of hope to the Riojans, to whom he has asked for his confidence, “because we are going to work in the defense of the interests of La Rioja that guarantees the Welfare State and the investments we deserve”.

“Sanchez wanted to reach La Moncloa at any price, including the deception of the Riojans who voted for the PSOE in the last Elections. What was signed with the enthusiastic applause of Concha Andreu and the affirmative vote of María Madorrán and Juan Cuatrecasas is just the opposite of what they promised their voters, ”he said.

“The independentistas make prisoners to a Government and, of the hand of the PSOE, to all the Riojaans, something that breaks the principle of equality that consecrates the Constitution. With this investiture and with the agreements with ERC and the PNV, we Riojans become second-class Spaniards. That is what Concha Andreu, the PSOE of La Rioja and its national deputies, ”has pointed out.

“The Riojan socialists have forgotten that Riojans are constitutionalists. Only from equality can progress be guaranteed for our region and economic growth. We don't want to be more than any Spanish, but not less. Yesterday, this was broken by the applause and approval of Concha Andreu and the Riojan socialists, ”he said.

Cuca Gamarra has summoned Concha Andreu “to explain to the Riojans if he supports the agreement signed between the PSOE and the PNV, which weakens La Rioja's position vis-à-vis the neighboring territory. The PSOE signed that the interests of La Rioja cannot be defended against any grievance of the Basque Community, this is the price they have paid for the investiture, that Riojans are second-rate Spaniards, defenseless against any grievance ”.

For its part, the Senator of the Popular Party of La Rioja, Ana Lourdes González, has stressed that “Spain has a President that is not reliable. Your word is worthless. He has shown in this Investiture, doing the opposite of what he said he would do. Sánchez has lied to all Spaniards. ”

In the same way, he has reproached the Socialist deputies of La Rioja, with their vote, and the President of La Rioja herself, with her presence, “have supported this infamy that will harm all Riojans. We are concerned about the passivity and irresponsibility of the Riojan socialists who have been unable to raise their voices before Sánchez to defend the stability and unity of Spain. Since Sanchez has not explained the agreements of this investiture, we demand that national parliamentarians and the President of La Rioja give an explanation to all Riojans of the content of the agreements and what has been paid to receive the favorable vote. ”

“Given this serious situation, the national parliamentarians of the PP of La Rioja are not going to disappoint the Rioja people. We will be vigilant and denounce everything that is harmful to La Rioja and Spain. We will work with honesty, with responsibility, defending the Constitution, defending the equality of the Spaniards and the territories, defending the interests of the Rioja people, something that the Riojan socialists do not do, ”he said.

In this regard, it has advanced that they will work “so that the infrastructures that our Community needs are included in the General State Budgets and we will not allow the PSOE to pay for this investment by cutting the investments that La Rioja needs, as they tried to do in the budget approved by the Government of Sánchez and that finally did not succeed ”.

Ana Lourdes González has highlighted the urgency of facing a new model of regional financing, as well as the defense of educational freedom, two pillars of the Popular Party's performance that will be complemented with the claim of investments that our region needs in terms of infrastructure .

For his part, the National Deputy of the Popular Party of La Rioja, Javier Merino, has shown his “alarm” that the socialist representatives of the Rioja “have been complicit in the pyrrhic victory of Sanchez, based on electoral fraud and the lie to get to La Moncloa, as evidenced by the newspaper library. With the affirmative vote of Madorrán and Cuatrecasas, the Riojan socialists are giving support to Catalonia, the Basque Country or Teruel over La Rioja ”.

“We do not take a break time, as Sánchez has done teasing all Spaniards, we are already working from a serious and responsible, constitutionalist alternative. We will not allow Catalans to decide exclusively the future of Spain or the Basques of La Rioja. We will work for the self-employed and the middle classes, worried about the coming tax increase, ”he said.

“The PSOE has betrayed La Rioja again. As the newspaper archive takes care of evidence, La Rioja loses when the PSOE governs, ”he concluded.

The Senator of this political formation, Carlos Yécora, has stressed the "concern" that many Riojaans of different political opinions are transferring them. “Riojaans are not extremists and show their concern for the political future of Spain. The Popular Party will always be on the side of the Rioja people. We have already held meetings with mayors and different sectors to, through this active listening, defend the interests of Riojaans in the Senate. ”

"Faced with the lies of the PSOE, the PP is a party of work, loyalty and truth with La Rioja," he concluded.

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