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The GPP spokesperson in the Lower House specifies that the Non-Law Proposal that the PP will register tomorrow consists of demanding a clear commitment from the constitutionalist parties against the agreements that make Bildu a “privileged interlocutor”

  • It advances that this initiative also proposes the creation of a specific body in the State Attorney General's Office to investigate the 379 ETA crimes that are still unsolved, because the victims of terrorism are the democratic memory of our country
  • In addition, the proposal demands that penitentiary powers not be transferred to the regional administrations and that the penitentiary policy for the approach of ETA prisoners not be modified, in addition to proposing legislative measures to protect victims of terrorism and that Congress reinforce the principles of memory , dignity and justice
  • He accuses the PSOE of renouncing its history by crossing "the lines of ethics and morality" by sitting down to negotiate with Bildu, as Carmen Calvo did, and after the applause that "what remains" of the PSOE dedicated to the Bildu spokesperson this week in Congress: "It is a whitewashing of what Bildu represents, which has not condemned the ETA murders"
  • Urges Minister Montero to abandon "pride and command and command" and begin to listen and agree with the municipalities, after the setback that led to the defeat in Congress of the decree confiscating municipal savings: "They do not need guardianship because they are of legal age and they are the State "
  • It demands that the Government allocate 20,000 million of European funds to direct management by city councils and councils, an extraordinary fund of 5,000 million for councils, "regardless of their financial situation to avoid first and second class citizens", and another fund of 1,000 million to rescue public transport and guarantee mobility
  • It highlights "the speech of coexistence" that the King delivered on October 3, 2017 and that served to show the path of a great country and demonstrate the strength of the institutions
  • It vindicates the management of Isabel Ayuso in the Community of Madrid, which is defending the interests of the people of Madrid, and accuses the Government of "abandoning the epidemiological line to move to a political strategy"

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