La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra

Remember that the PP has also requested the appearances of the Minister of Health and the economic vice president in the Senate

It requires the Executive "transparency and information", because it is the best way to combat alarmism.

It affects the loyalty of the PP with the Government, against the performance of the PSOE towards Mariano Rajoy, who was responsible for the Ebola outbreak. "We stand next to the Government, because everything that is agreement, collaboration and coordination is positive, since it transfers responsibility and tranquility."

The social dialogue is missing in the action guide for companies and employees published by the Ministry of Labor, because "there always has to be transparency and information".

Demand that funds be provided to the Autonomous Communities and resources are enabled for administrations to implement the necessary devices.

Launches a message of confidence in our National Health System, which is "one of the best in the world."

It rejects the politicization in the fight for equality and highlights the commitment of the PP in this area.

It denounces the “frivolity, lack of consistency and irresponsibility” of the Government when it comes to reforming the Law on Sexual Freedom in the face of “bulge errors” when it comes to raising the bill.

"Irene Montero cares more about the show and the headline than the content of the law," says Gamarra, who accuses the head of Equality of wanting to approve "whatever the cost is" coinciding with 8-M.

He reproaches the Executive that he has not provided the content of the text to the PP, although he has requested it in parliamentary headquarters.

He believes that when it comes to reforming the Criminal Code, “rigor, seriousness and legislative technique” must prevail to ensure rigorous laws that “protect women”.

He assures that it is a mistake to face the educational reform as a counter-reform of the previous law and advocates reaching a pact and seeking consensus as Casado has proposed to Sánchez.

He points out that this law is bound to be changed because it does not guarantee plurality or freedom of choice of parents, is based on taxation and intervention in the system, and does not seek excellence.

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