Cuca Gamarra, en la Comisión de Sanidad y Consumo

The Deputy Secretary for Social Policy of the PP, affirms that the motion of censorship announced by Vox "will not prosper: the accounts do not come out and will only succeed in strengthening the PSOE"

He assures that in the midst of the health crisis we have "a nefarious government at the worst possible time" but that "Spain is not in for motions of censorship."

He advocates dedicating political time to approving the PP legislative reforms necessary to guarantee greater protection for Spaniards.

He believes that "the concern of the politicians must be in the concern of the citizens, in working for and for the Spanish to confront what is above us."

He remarks that "two do not reach an agreement if one does not want to" and recalls that the PP's skepticism regarding the PGE is based on the fact that Pedro Sánchez himself has said that he had no intention of reaching agreements with the PP. "It has been many weeks since he called or counted on us," he says.

He reiterates that if the PP receives the PGE "we will see and analyze them", but he anticipates that if they are based on socialist and communist economic policies "it is very difficult for the PP to be there because we are on the opposite lines".

He affirms that "Spain is not for applause" and assures that, with more than 45 thousand deaths and the situation of the outbreaks, the socialist deputies are wrong because "the situation is dramatic".

He asks the Executive to work with humility because "things have not been done well" and denounces that he is making the same mistakes, "putting everything to improvisation and lies instead of coordination and assuming sole command."

He criticizes that the Government is "idle" and bets on applauding the economic reforms that promote employment, tourism and make Spain a safe country.

Regrets the "terrible example" that the Executive gave yesterday to the population not complying with the 50% rule of presence in the Chamber. "The first who have to be responsible are Sánchez, Illa and the Government because the deputies did not appear by chance, it was a coordinated action," he says.

He hopes that the Conference of Presidents will serve to coordinate health policy and that the Government of Spain will assume its leadership and responsibilities.

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