La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra

The PP's Deputy Secretary for Social Policy points out that Calviño's non-election shows Europe's lack of confidence in the Executive's economic policies. "Since Sánchez is president, the role of our country in Europe is weaker every day and we are losing positions," he says.

He regrets that Spain has also lost three directorates-general in the European Commission and has withdrawn from the WTO presidency, to which the Foreign Minister was running.

He criticizes the silence of the Government before the "Dina case", including the socialist and communist ministers "who presume to be feminists, even if they are only on March 8."

"Sánchez's complicit silence suggests that, in order to remain in power, he is worth everything and that he is willing to see that there are no political consequences for such reprehensible behaviors as these."

Remember that the PP has asked for explanations in parliamentary headquarters on a "murky" matter and that Iglesias clarify the alleged leaks of the Prosecutor's Office.

He regrets that in the face of the "outstretched hand" of his party, Sánchez, "in an exercise in sincerity unusual in him," he has acknowledged that he has no intention of reaching any agreement with the PP. "The no is not goes in the DNA of the Prime Minister and makes it difficult to reach agreements," he adds.

He indicates that the Government is in the reconstruction of the majority that supported the investiture, as evidenced by the agreements reached during the pandemic.

He praises the work of Felipe VI for having carried out an “impeccable and unquestionable” work and highlights what it represents “both for the Spain Brand and for the unity of the country”.

He underlines that Núñez Feijóo is a guarantee of stability and job creation, and that the candidacy headed by Iturgaiz is the “only option against nationalism and independence in the Basque Country”.

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