Cuca Gamarra en La Rioja

The Deputy Secretary of Social Policy of the Popular Party, Cuca Gamarra, has complained to Pedro Sánchez that “instead of looking guilty, look for solutions for the Spanish countryside, because the agricultural income that has been growing to reach 40% until 2018, has already started to fall and 2019 has closed with a drop of around 8%. ”

“To alleviate the situation that led to the arrival of the PSOE to the Government, the Popular Party has presented a shock plan with 29 concrete measures that propose solutions to improve the context in which the Spanish countryside is, boosting the competitiveness and sustainability of agricultural holdings; as well as the improvement of the food chain, ”he added.

Cuca Gamarra made these statements Friday in Logroño, on the occasion of the visit of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to the capital of La Rioja to participate in the meeting of the Delegated Commission of Demographic Challenge, in which the Minister of Agriculture also intervenes , Fishing and Food, Luis Planas.

“The Popular Party reiterates support for the agricultural and livestock sector, a strategic sector in Spain and La Rioja. At the same time, we denounce the ninguneo of the Government of Sánchez when talking about agriculture, ”he said.

The National Deputy of the PP of La Rioja recalled that “we enter an important phase when we talk about European funds, which have a direct impact on agricultural income. A firm negotiation is necessary to guarantee the same budget of the past period. Farmers cannot afford bad negotiation, the problem is that we have a weak government that does not have allies in Europe, ”he said.

Cuca Gamarra, recalled that Pedro Sánchez “has not yet given an account of what has been dealt with in the recent extraordinary European Council, that is why we have requested his appearance, because Sánchez is allergic to the Congress of Deputies. An allergy directly proportional to the joy that the bilateral tables produce with the independence workers, ”he stressed.

“Today Sanchez is in La Rioja with Concha Andreu who facilitates the alibi before the bilateral tables that he carries out with the independentists. Andreu puts La Rioja at the service of Sánchez and the PSOE to cover the shame of what has been going on this week in Spain, ”he concluded.

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