Cuca Gamarra en la Comisión de Sanidad y Consumo


• Explains that the “extraordinary” situation in the country is not to give “carte blanche” to the Executive and that the purpose of the state of alarm is to improve coordination between institutions. "Full powers, yes, but not for ineffectiveness or to change the economic model that works and creates employment."

• Stresses the need to recover the function of Parliament, since the opposition cannot fulfill control of the Executive, and guarantee the right to information.

• “They use television every day to speak but not to answer the questions of unfiltered journalists, which questions the first principle that you stated in your appearance, that of transparency. They boast but they lack it ”, he transferred to Illa.

• "The right to control and be able to ask the government is democracy in its purest form."

• He reproaches the Executive for his "arrogance" with the opposition, whom he has not consulted despite having lent his support, and with the businessmen themselves.

• It requires the holder of Health the name of the company of the false tests and that a sanctioning file be opened.

• He accuses the minister of lying by assuring that the tests are being carried out on all the toilets that have been in contact with those infected by the virus.

• Criticizes the continued hiring of "unworthily" MIR and nurses and questions where are the 52,000 toilets that were announced with the sole command.

• Demands that the Executive compensate the effort of those who "are giving their best" in this crisis.

• Stresses the need to carry out massive tests, as recommended by the WHO, and denounces the “scandal” that supposes that the tests do not meet the specificities of sensitivity, as reported by the media today.

• It censures that the Executive disregards the appeal of the WHO and the EU regarding the collection of materials and reiterates the need to provide health, social and FSCE professionals with the protection they deserve. "The consequences are direct: the less protection, the more contagion and the weaker the system."

• He points out that “bringing forward the measures that were late” would have slowed down contagions. "Those unforeseen events will have responsibilities in due course," he adds.

• "They continue behind and are late in managing the virus in health, social and economic terms."

• Urges the Government to explain what scenarios it manages once the peak is reached and in a slowdown phase, as acknowledged by Health, "because you cannot be improvising the day after."

• He asks the Health Minister if the transfer of patients between the Autonomous Communities is planned and what material he plans to transfer to the Autonomous Communities, and asks him to comment on the Generalitat's decision to dismantle a field hospital in Sabadell. "The situation in Catalonia cannot be subject to the fluctuations and disputes of the independentistas," he emphasizes.

• Asks the Government to clarify what material it plans to transfer to the Autonomous Communities, as well as the supply of medicines that we have

• "Anticipation, forecasting and management, not monitoring and observation".

• Demands that the Government not improvise in the economic sphere and demands "more seriousness and respect" towards the self-employed and SMEs.

• Demands that the Executive approve the words of Vice President Iglesias speaking of expropriations. "Not so, because this is a free market country that has freedom of enterprise and that, before and after this crisis, must be guaranteed."

• Remember 10,003 people who have died, those who are fighting the disease and those who have lost a loved one. "Spain is in mourning," he adds.

• Acknowledges the work of the health and social sector, FCSE and private sector workers who "are on the front lines fighting the virus".

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