Cuca Gamarra, en la Comisión de Sanidad


  1. Reminds Illa that "the virus is the same for all countries and that what makes the difference is the management carried out by each one". "You speak of fierce markets and your problem is not the market but the intermediaries."

  2. "How is it possible that the health of Spaniards, in the greatest health crisis in Spain, has been entrusted to companies without any experience in the health sector?" He asks.

  3. He denounces that Health contracted with a company without a license to import medical devices and demands the appearance of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, and of the General Directors of Public Health and the Medicines Agency, because "it is necessary that they give explanations".

  4. He asks the Health Minister to explain why it was not communicated "immediately" that the 350,000 masks distributed did not comply with the regulations, despite being aware of it since April 10, and wonders how many health workers have used them.

  5. What actions have been initiated against the company that supplied them? What responsibility is the Ministry going to assume? Who is responsible for this minimal verification? Why has no alert been issued by the Medicines Agency? , Gamarra questions, who maintains that "not only do you have to give explanations, but also assume responsibilities."

  6. "The TS reiterates that he has to take measures and from the GPP we ask him what measures he is taking and when he is going to guarantee that security, which is his responsibility," he points out.

  7. Claims to the Health Minister the reports prepared by the experts, considering that, after supporting the third extension of the state of alarm, the PP is entitled to access them. "We hope we don't have to resort to TC," he says.

  8. It requires the Government to explain how it is going to cope with the de-escalation phase and wonders if it will begin without having had access to the results of the seroprevalence study or if the return to normality will have to be delayed.

  9. "They have no plan and no leadership, which has been demonstrated with the departure of the children and in the fact that they have had to resort to the fourth vice president to lead this new stage."

  10. It requires the Executive to disclose the number of citizens who have been tested, as they are aware that there have been "people who have had access to numerous tests".

  11. He denounces that health professionals still do not have the necessary means of protection and recalls that more than 34,000 have been infected. "Not one more day can they be without the tests and the necessary protection," he warns Illa.

  12. It requests the Government to consider the cause of death of the toilets as an occupational disease and, therefore, as an accident at work.

  13. He remembers the 22,157 who died as a result of COVID-19 and those who "are not officially recognized" and again demands the official declaration of mourning from the Government.

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