Cuca Gamarra en Los Desayunos de TVE

It shows the "concern" of the PP for the legal uncertainty of the text of the law of sexual freedom that is going to be approved today, since with reforms in the criminal field "maximum security is required because the legal defects to those who most harm are to the victims"

He denounces that the Government's educational reform “does not guarantee the plurality and freedom of parents to choose the education of their children, which is included in the Constitution, nor does it have the broad social consensus that this law must have”.

He affirms that the PP is willing to sit down with the Executive to reach an agreement but criticizes that the text, "apart from being sectarian, wants to impose a model and rewards mediocrity." "In the PP we believe that the path has to be that of excellence and quality in all educational models."

He proposes to speak of "a single educational system and not 17 and that the high inspection meets its objective of non-indoctrination."

On the crisis of the coronavirus, says that "the PP is a state party and it is time to be next to the Government."

It advocates providing communities with the necessary funds and carrying out good planning of personnel and material resources.

He affirms that in terms of equality "there is still a lot to do" and he is concerned that "today we want to divide women between good and bad."

It demands freedom of decision when it comes to attending the demonstration on March 8 or not.

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