"I do not recognize this PSOE but neither its leaders as García Page or Mrs. Diaz herself who at times not very slowed the independence drift in which Sanchez has gotten or would have slowed the drift of Bildu's support in Navarra," he emphasizes .

"It is an impressive moral relativism to be agreeing with those who not only have not condemned terrorism but are currently carrying out an exaltation of it with those tributes that we have lived this weekend," he added in relation to the PSOE and the Bildu's position in the investiture of Chivite.

Denounces the situation of political blockade that Spain lives whose sole responsibility is Pedro Sánchez "because he is the one who has been entrusted with that task of forming government and has led us to a failed investiture." "All the Spaniards saw how this investiture was presented without having done their homework, without having negotiated a government for Spain," underlines the Deputy Social Secretary of the PP.

He affirms that "Spain is the hostage of the ego of Pedro Sánchez who is unable to reach agreements to form Government." “He has that responsibility and we have another one that is the loyalty to Spain and the responsibility that we have raised, Pablo Casado has done, with 11 state pacts with an objective that is stability and governability.

He believes that the path of the right center in Spain is the recast "that the PP is willing to lead." “It's about knowing what role other parties want to play. There have been movements like Navarra Suma that has allowed center-right voters to find a very strong vote option to add and curb nationalism, to the Basque sovereignist project for Navarra, but that has been disappointed by the role that the PSOE that, because of its ambition for power, is willing to throw itself into those arms, ”he said.

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