Cuca Gamarra en la Comisión de Sanidad del Congreso

Ask the Minister of Health what he is going to do to make known "the truth of what happened during the pandemic and how many people have died" from coronavirus. "Out of respect for them and their families, and to know the significance of the virus in our country," he adds.

He criticizes the lack of foresight of the Executive to face this new stage, after assuring Minister Illa that in the coming weeks they will launch a plan of preparation and response to possible outbreaks. "It is as if you have learned nothing, but lessons must be drawn from this crisis. What has your Ministry been doing during this period? ”

He reproaches the "complacency" and the "lack of self-criticism" of the Government during the COVID-19 crisis.

He rejects that the Executive returns to raise the state of alarm and wonders if they have planned legislative reforms that allow confinements to be carried out in specific territories.

It invites the Government to reflect on the mistrust rates of the Spanish towards the data offered by Health and the rejection shown to the Government's management.

Remember that, according to the ranking published by The Econormist Regarding the response of the OECD countries to the crisis, Spain is in last place, for the "disastrous management" of the Executive.

He regrets that the Government did not follow the recommendations of international organizations and made an erroneous analysis, "underestimating the severity of the epidemic outbreak", and that the internal alerts failed.

He criticizes the "hesitations and contradictions" of the Executive, in reference to the use of masks, the confinement and accounting of the deceased, and the lack of protective material, ignoring the WHO's warnings about the need for supplies.

He denounces that the Government has not yet provided the number of deaths in nursing homes and reproaches him for not heeding the warnings of the Council of Ministers of the EU at the beginning of March.

It transfers the commitment of the PP with the more than 40,000 deaths during the pandemic, "both those who agreed to a test, as well as those who did not."

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