Cuca Gamarra, en la Comisión de Sanidad y Consumo

Holders of his speech:

  1. "Transparency is essential in the crisis we are experiencing and a fundamental pillar of democratic quality," he warns.

  2. It asks the Government to clarify the number of Spaniards who have had access to the tests, because "it is key to knowing the epidemiological situation in the country."

  3. It requires that, “out of sensitivity and in memory of those who have left us,” the figures be made public not only of confirmed cases but also of possible deaths from the virus. "We must be convinced, when the crisis is over, that the figures are true and that they respond to the reality of the harsh pandemic that our country is experiencing."

  4. He warns Illa that in the de-escalation phase "the same mistakes of the beginning of the crisis cannot be made: being late and doing things wrong".

  5. "Do you assume that they would have had to adopt measures before?", Asks the Health Minister, who advises adequate planning in the mitigation and containment of the virus, for which diagnosis by test is essential.

  6. "We were late in the first part and now we need efficiency, because this country is paying a high price and cannot continue increasing it."

  7. He insists on the need to guarantee tests and protection for health professionals, because more than two months have passed since the WHO declared the public health emergency.

  8. It presents the Government with a shock plan to resolve the shortage of protective equipment and to rely on the community pharmacy.

  9. He proposes that the Executive help to supply pharmacies "and not that they insist on requisitioning orders", that prices be intervened and that VAT be reduced to a rate of 4 or 10% "for products that are going to to be of first necessity ”.

  10. Criticizes that only 10% of the protection equipment available to the CCAA comes from the efforts of the single command.

  11. He claims to know the reports of the expert committees to know on what criteria the Executive takes decisions and denies that Health is providing them to parliamentary groups.

  12. He criticizes the "confusion and improvisation" that the return to activity generated last Monday between workers, companies and the self-employed.

  13. Reiterates the need to decree official mourning in memory of the 19,130 ​​people who have died as a result of COVID-19.

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