Cuca Gamarra en Palma de Mallorca


  1. Gamarra denounces the attempt of the Balearic Government to “cover” what happened after the report of abuses to supervised minors and underlines the need to know what happened “until its last consequences”.
  2. "What they should do is talk about this issue and transfer with transparency to the Balearic society what has happened, what mechanisms have failed and what measures are being put in place to correct the deficiencies of the system."

  3. It requires that “political responsibilities” be assumed in the face of the seriousness of the known facts and stresses that the PP acts with responsibility to guarantee and defend the interests of minors.

  4. It announces that a “constructive opposition” will be carried out by promoting a series of mechanisms aimed at guaranteeing the protection that minors deserve and to which they are entitled.

  5. He reiterates that the PP has requested the appearance of Vice President Pablo Iglesias as responsible for the social policies of the Government of Sánchez, and that he has presented a battery of questions to the Ministries of Equality and Interior.

  6. Remember that Podemos and the PSOE, which make up the government of the Balearic Islands, have under their powers the policies for the protection of minors.

  7. "It is amazing that those who have led the flag of feminism, when an issue of these characteristics arrives, do not want to show their face or explain what measures they will implement."

  8. Stresses the presentation by the PP of a Proposal no of Law to request the urgent approval of a Bill of Protection of minors against violence “that has been in the drawer of this Government since the motion of censure”.

  9. "It is necessary to approve those legislative instruments that provide greater protection to minors," he adds.

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