La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra


 Alert on the "hunger queues" that are beginning to occur in Spain and recommends the Executive to apply "good policies" and "those instruments that allow no one to be left behind". "That is not achieved with propaganda, marketing or inadequate policies that lead us towards communism," says Gamarra, who is committed to "guaranteeing resources to those who need it today, but above all to having a labor market full of opportunities."

 Denounces the attempt to change the economic model of our country, going from "something that has worked and allowed us to live in a welfare state" to "a communist and interventionist policy". "There is an order to the Spanish and Europe, and some members of the Government are in this line," he says.

 Rejects the repeal of the labor reform, because "it works, it has created employment in Spain and it is being key for millions of Spaniards to qualify for an ERTE" and recommends that the Executive "rectify once again".

 He points out that breaking social dialogue is “what our country needs the least at the moment”. "We need legal certainty, knowing what to expect and the way of doing things goes in the opposite direction."

 “The Government is a constant struggle of egos and that internal crisis that they have been dragging from the beginning constitutes a problem not for the Executive but for the citizens”.

 Recommends to the Government to work "for and for the Spanish" and apply the words of Nadia Calviño "beginning with the Prime Minister and following with Vice President Iglesias or Minister Garzón" that "they are generating problems".

 He maintains that the reaction of the Vice President of Economic Affairs is due to "how in Europe concerns what happens in Spain." "We cannot be asking for help and solidarity from the European institutions and then destroy the common policy that is proposed to get out of the crisis."

 He maintains that the PSOE, "who has suffered greatly in the history of our democracy and has suffered the scourge of terrorism", "does not deserve what Sánchez is doing with him."

 “After the pain caused by ETA, I never thought that Sánchez would give Arnaldo Otegi so much prominence and authority, convicted of terrorist offenses,” he says.

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