Holders of the intervention of the Deputy Secretary of Social Policy:

Underlines that it is a priority for the Popular Party to guarantee “in terms of equality” access to health, education and social services

He assures that, if Pablo Casado is president, from 10N the freedom to choose a health and professional center will be guaranteed, and “that there are no differences in treatments and access to quality health in terms of equality”

Bet on strengthening the Spanish pharmacy model, which it describes as "successful"

It advocates that any measure that is to be taken within the scope of the National Health System and affects the community pharmacy model have the sector and professional associations

It links the sustainability of the SNS with that of the pharmacy system, so that measures are not taken to guarantee the viability of the former if this endangers the other model
It defends a State Pact for Depopulation, in which the community pharmacy has a “fundamental” value. "When we talk about chronicity and depopulation, the pharmaceutical model can be the element in which we can rely on to fight against these challenges that lie ahead," he concludes.

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