Remember that in 2009, without asking anything in return, the PP supported Patxi López as Lehendakari because "above all was constitutionalism" and urges the PSOE to now have the same height of view in Navarra

The deputy secretary of Social Policy and member of the negotiation team of the PP Governability Committee, Cuca Gamarra, affirmed today that "if the PSOE agrees to govern Navarre with the support of Bildu and the nationalists, it will be moving away from constitutionalism and generating a government weak and unstable "that will take more steps towards independence.

In declarations to the media in Logroño, Gamarra has defended the legitimacy so that "Navarra Suma, with UPN, Cs and the PP, that has won these elections, is the one who governs, because the constitutionalism must govern Navarre", at the same time that has alerted against the danger of the nationalist and independence advance in this region.

The popular leader recalled that in 2009, without asking anything in return, the PP supported the Socialists so that Patxi López was Lehendakari because "above all was constitutionalism" and now it is the PSOE who must have the same height of view in Navarra. In this way, he has urged the PSOE "to reflect and not move away from constitutionalism, not to betray neither the Navarrese, nor the Spaniards delivering -as Bildu said yesterday, because it will not be for nothing-, Navarra to the independence movement and to the parties that do not distance themselves from terrorism, "he continued.

On the post-electoral pacts, Gamarra said that, after informal contacts, "the moment of truth comes" and we must "hold formal talks" so that, where the PP has received the majority support of the citizens, a center-right government.

Cuca Gamarra has appealed to responsibility and seriousness when negotiating, so that "no autonomous communities or municipalities are negotiated in exchange for support in the Government of Sanchez." He also recalled that Cs said during the election campaign that he would not vote with socialism or Sanchez and that he would agree to center-right governments.

The popular leader has insisted that her training "will talk to everyone" and seek agreements "without change of trading cards or marketing," as happened in the Junta de Andalucía and that Cs and Vox will have to explain to their voters why not sit down to negotiate because, if they do not, "they will promote more Sanchez governments in many territories or that Carmena continues to govern in Madrid".

Before participating in an awards ceremony to different associations by the Celiac Association of La Rioja in the Cultural Center of Ibercaja, the Deputy Secretary of Social Policy wanted to show the commitment of the PP with people with celiac disease.

Gamarra has vindicated the importance of early diagnosis, since there are many people who suffer from this disease and do not know it. He also explained that from his party will seek mechanisms for gluten-free staple foods lower their high price compared to those who do, in order to achieve equity and equality between Spaniards.

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