He describes the King's speech as "bright, forceful and rigorous" and stresses that "the Monarchy is the backbone of this great country that is Spain"

  • He affirms that "it attracts attention" that Sánchez "has not gone out to reconvene" the independentistas and to highlight the King's speech, not even with a tweet
  • He emphasizes that the independentistas, "who seek to weaken Spain even more, are emboldened by the weakness and submission that Sánchez and the PSOE are showing during the negotiation." “There is a cause effect, the weaker Sanchez is, the more those who want to break Spain are emboldened”
  • “It seems indecent that a country should get on its knees to get a government at any cost and at all costs,” he says • Underlines that the PP is developing its opposition work “from rigor and firmness” and recalls that “it does not fit constitutional reform without PP agreement ”
  • Denounces the "lack of transparency on what they are agreeing" Sánchez and the PSOE with the independence. "We want light and stenographers and have requested the appearance in the Congress of Sánchez and Calvo to demand explanations about what is being negotiated"
  • Remember that Junqueras has been sentenced for sedition and embezzlement to imprisonment and disqualification and "this does not change anyone." "He has had a fair trial and the sentence has to comply," he emphasizes
  • He points out that the PP is initiating actions in the parliamentary and legal sphere in the Electoral Board, not only for Torra to be dismissed as president once he has been disabled, but in relation to Junqueras who is disabled in firm conviction and cannot exercise as MEP
  • He affirms that in the communities where the PP governs, employment is created and the freedom of citizens is guaranteed, while the “great invention of the independentists does not generate progress, but quite the opposite”
  • He considers that "Vox is mistaken as an opponent" since "the problem of the Spaniards is not the PP but the PSOE and its agreements with communists and independentists"

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