Cuca Gamarra en Logroño

Ask Pedro Sánchez if he will allow the participation of Podemos in the demonstration convened today by Bildu and Esquerra in the Basque Country in defense of ETA prisoners. "We demand a rectification and an explanation," he emphasizes

  • He describes as "unacceptable" the presence of those who are already part of the Government of Spain in a demonstration of support for ETA prisoners. "It is unpresentable for a democracy like the Spanish and an absolute depreciation of the victims of terrorism," he says

  • He criticizes that the Spaniards are knowing the conformation of the new Government "with two roosters in the chicken coop" as if it were "the pedrea of ​​the Christmas Lottery draw"

  • It asks the Government to carry out an exercise of transparency and clarify the information on the future Minister of Universities and that of Social Security

  • He denounces that the new Executive will be the largest in all Democracy and reiterates that the price of “two governments in one will be paid by all Spaniards”

  • Ensures that the tax increase will be aimed at paying a structure that will greatly increase the expense generated by the increase of ministers and ministries

  • It demands “the immediate plenary session of the Catalan Parliament to take the minutes of the new deputy and replace the former deputy Torra” and warns that, if not done, the president of the Parliament would be “incurring a prevarication behavior and Torra a crime of usurpation "

  • He urges Sanchez to carry out all the necessary actions for the execution of the judgments and resolutions of the Electoral Board, and reminds him that he has the “obligation and responsibility to break all kinds of relationship with who is no longer entitled to hold the title of president of the Catalans ”

  • It announces that two proposals of Law concerning the current situation in Venezuela have been presented in Congress. The first urges the Government of Spain to recognize “the legitimacy of the new Board of Directors of the National Assembly led by Juan Guaidó” and the second calls for “joining all international initiatives against looting in the Orinoco basin”

  • It asks the Government of Spain to “lead the initiatives in defense of democracy in Venezuela from the European level” as well as to block “the accounts abroad” of the senior officials of the Maduro regime

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