Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Urges the PSOE to break its government agreements with its independentist partners in the Diputación de Barcelona and 40 municipalities and requires the Government to appeal to the TC resolutions that go against the constitutional order
  • Launches a message of “support, support and unconditional defense” to the Civil Guard in Catalonia, and to the rest of the Bodies and Security Forces, guarantors “of security and constitutional order”
  • He accuses Sanchez of having devised an electoral campaign and of thinking about elections since the polls were closed in April
  • He reaches out to the center-right formations to meet the request for the sum of the Spaniards with “the objective that, together from the sum, get Pedro Sánchez and his preferred partners to remain”
  • "It will be the Spaniards who will have the possibility of joining at the polls what others do not want to join in a ballot, to get the center-right unity that the Spaniards claim from us," he argues.
  • "For the PP will not be: we will be until the last minute holding hands, because the Spanish are demanding unity and will give us the opportunity to add," he emphasizes
  • Confront the project in favor of economic growth, employment and the future of the Spaniards that Madrid will make “the economic engine that Spain needs”, with the policies of the left that suppose a brake on economic progress

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