La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra

It describes as "shocking" that the Government excludes concerted education from the distribution of funds to fight the pandemic

It qualifies as “shocking” that the government excludes concerted education from the distribution of funds to fight the pandemic.

He assures that "the PP is not going to move an inch in defense of the right of parents to choose the education they want for their children, protected by the Constitution."

He accuses the Executive of breaking one of the great agreements contained in the Magna Carta and of taking advantage of the emergency situation generated by the pandemic to advance in an ideological approach based on sectarianism.

"You cannot take advantage of a moment of reconstruction to eliminate and suffocate part of the educational model," he says.

He stresses that concerted education is not subsidiary to public education, but that both models are complementary.

He reminds the Government that the virus affects everyone and all students equally and reproaches it for "establishing differences in a sectarian way by putting barriers between publicly-owned centers and centers supported by public funds."

He explains that the PP wants to present to society a document with conclusions that reinforces public health, since this pandemic has revealed deficiencies that need to be improved.

He considers it necessary to guarantee a financing system that gives stability to the health system in the short and long term.

He points out that the PP supports measures such as the creation of a body of professional reservists but "we must go further."

He regrets that the Government "still does not have a plan to deal with outbreaks" and is not taking measures to strengthen controls at airports that detect imported cases.

Remember that the pandemic has not yet ended and that the minister has the obligation to continue to exercise health authority and must coordinate with the ACAs the policies that are being developed and provide them with means.

He stresses that Spain "must be a strong country in the European Union" so that we Spaniards have access to the vaccine when it is prepared and remember that our country was left out of the commission of scientific experts that was created at the European level.

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