La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra

He affirms that “there is no youth camping or makeup that can cover up the government's misgovernment” and considers that “this meeting doesn't matter because Torra has the keys, which is the one who tightens the pegs to the Executive”

He criticizes that "the reform of the Criminal Code is the false door that the Government has found to reach the amnesty demanded by the independentists." “These are the bills that we will have to pay, even if it means breaking the unit and humiliating Spain,” he laments

He assures that “the PP will be in front” and will require compliance with the sentences of those who have been convicted in a fair trial for having committed crimes

“It would be very sad for the Government to use women to hide their shame about the agreements with the independentists and humiliation of all women who do not deserve to be used as an alibi for the reform of the Criminal Code”

He assures that the PP “will not stop until he knows what happened” during the meeting of Ábalos and Delcy Rodríguez. "The Spanish have the right to know the truth and not to change their version every five minutes, we have lost track of what version we are going to"

Advances that the PP will continue to ask about the role that Zapatero plays and why his usual presence in Venezuela is due to the fact that he is not an ordinary citizen but the former president of the Government and they receive it in the dictatorship of Maduro

He points out that "Zapatero has been characterized as the great support and defender of Sánchez and no one can separate what Zapatero thinks and does from what Sanchez thinks and does"

Note that this issue affects the interests of Spain internationally and the bill will be paid by all Spaniards

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