The Deputy Secretary of Social Policy of the PP and Candidate of the PP of La Rioja to Congress, Cuca Gamarra, has renewed “the commitment of this political formation with Logroño, the Achievements and with the Underground. A commitment that involves continuing to work on a new framework for financing works that rebalances and does not affect local administrations so much; promote the completion of Phase I already underway and, on the other hand, reactivate phases II and III of which nothing is known in recent months. ”

“A commitment of the Popular Party towards the next Elections of November 10 and that has as a guarantee the loyalty and the work carried out within the framework of the agreement signed in 2002 between the three administrations to undertake the Burial in the city of Logroño”, has added.

Cuca Gamarra has made these statements today, day 23, during a press conference in which, accompanied by the Spokesman of the Municipal Group in the City of Logroño, Conrado Escobar; and the

Regional Deputy, Carlos Cuevas, has analyzed the current situation of the Underground in the city of Logroño, driven by the Central, Autonomous and Local administrations

The Candidate of the PP of La Rioja to Congress has expressed concern about a key issue in this action such as the financing of the work executed, “paid for through a loan that expires in 2021 and that should be dealt with the sale of land , not yet disaffected, and that has not yet occurred. ” In this sense, he explained that the stoppage of Vara de Rey's work affects this process.

Cuca Gamarra recalled that the Government of Spain, that of La Rioja and that of Logroño have been working throughout this year on a new financial framework that is more favorable to regional and local administrations. “A new framework that sought that the deficit of the operation also be borne by the State to the extent that corresponds to it and not only by the other two administrations. Some work already started and that are also paralyzed ”.


The Spokesman of the Municipal Group in the City of Logroño, Conrado Escobar, stressed that the Soterramiento constitutes “the main work in the history of Logroño” and has lamented “the breaking of the existing consensus on this action by the Socialist Mayor, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, who has amended his own party by suspending the works underway in Vara de Rey and Duques de Nájera, through the back door and without informing any of those involved. ”

Conrado Escobar has stressed that, with a Municipal Government of the PSOE in Logroño, the Achievements have moved “from the security of a project in progress at a good pace, to uncertainty; from consensus to imposition; from the project, to the permanent improvisation; of the budget we go to the "eye of a good cubero" because we do not know how much it will cost. "

In this regard, he recalled that the works at the Vara de Rey Knot had a start date, began on October 14, 2018, and concluded, May 2020. “Today we do not even know when one is going to resume basic performance for Logroño, which is called to be the new Espolón de Logroño. This ‘party’, this paralysis, this suspension is going to be paid by the villagers. When someone breaks the consensus they must assume the broken plates. ”

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