Cuca Gamarra, en rueda de prensa

The PP is not resigned to La Rioja being in the tail car when it has always been a locomotive in job creation

The Deputy Secretary of Social Policy of the PP and Candidate of the PP of La Rioja to Congress, Cuca Gamarra, has stressed that “Riojans who do not resign ourselves to socialist unemployment have an opportunity to change and return to employment this Sunday through our vote to Popular Party We have the opportunity to support a project that creates employment, a reformist political project, which has teams and experience. ”

“The PP is not willing to admit unemployment figures such as those we have known today in Spain and La Rioja and settle for being in the tail car of economic growth in our country when we have always been a locomotive in creating employment with governments of the Popular Party, ”he said.

In the same way, he added that “We do not resign ourselves to socialist unemployment, that is why we propose to the Riojans concrete policies and reforms necessary to face as soon as possible an economic crisis that is already here and that the Socialists cannot deny, because we have very recent harsh consequences of the previous one, also with a Central Government of the PSOE ”.

Cuca Gamarra has made these statements today, day 5, in a press conference in which, together with the Candidate of the PP of La Rioja to the Senate, Ana Lourdes González, has detailed the electoral proposals of the Popular Party in terms of economy and employment .

Among the most prominent proposals in economic and employment matters, Cuca Gamarra has pointed out the speeding up of the process of setting up companies to make it possible in 5 days; as well as the reform of the Second Chance Law. In addition, an Innovation Portal and a one-stop shop will be created to facilitate the processing necessary to launch investment projects.

In the fiscal field, it has indicated the approval of a tax reduction for all taxpayers and the establishment of a maximum income tax rate of 40%. The reduction of the Corporation tax, placing the maximum rate below 20%, and the abolition of the Property Tax and that of Inheritance and Donations. In turn, the Tax of Documented Legal Acts in the constitution of mortgages in the purchase of habitual housing will be eliminated.

For its part, the Candidate of the PP of La Rioja to the Senate, Ana Lourdes González, has lamented that during the last months of the PSOE Government, 22,000 freelancers have had to close their businesses and companies. "The Popular Party is with the brave that they undertake risking their economy to generate economic activity and jobs," he stressed.

In this sense, it has highlighted some of the measures included in the Popular Party Government program aimed at this group, such as the extension of the flat rate in force for freelancers up to two years and extending the beneficiary groups: over 52 years of age, entrepreneurs in rural areas, self-employed people under 30, victims of gender violence or those who accredit a degree of disability greater than 33%.

Similarly, it has highlighted the approval of a reduced quota for self-employed with incomes not exceeding the SMI in annual calculation; as well as the extension of active retirement to 100% to all freelancers, among other proposals.

"A package of measures that, if next Sunday Pablo Casado is elected President, will be immediately applicable," he said.

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